Wanted! One Thick Skin

“What happened to you” a friend asked me last month. “You were really into blogging, and then one day, gone!

We, in the words of Arnold, “I’m Back!”  

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.51.28 PM

And no, it was nothing bad!

Truth is, writing, teaching and helping others are my life. For me teaching is more than just telling someone what to do; or how to do it.

For me the reward comes in seeing results.

In seeing their lives improved.

And in seeing the joy in their faces when they are able to do something.

So what happened?
Simply, the internet happened.
Specifically, people were writing incredibly negative comments on my articles.
Hiding in the shadows, in the anonymity of the internet!

Granted, this was a minority. In most cases, comments were positive, rewarding and motivational.
Don’t get me wrong, I can take criticism. I am by far, my greatest critic.
I just didn’t like the negative.

BUT! As my best friends Justin & Bethanie (@BMattek) would say:

It’s time to put on the big boy panties!

Bethanie (Mattek-Sands) is a pro tennis player on the WTA Tour. She had a tough 2014, but fought her way back and opened 2015 winning two doubles tour events, including the Grand Slam Australian Open. Now that’s a comeback!


So 2015 is going to be all about blogging! No more chilling out and watching life! It’s time to get it on.

And I have some exciting new plans for the year, that will kick ass!


This week, on the prodding of my celebrity blogger friend MelanysGuydlines.com  I attended a Social Media conference in San Diego!

WOW!  The energy was addictive!

It was like surfing in an ocean of Red Bull!


As a teacher, I love learning. I can bring this knowledge home to my (dog training) team; and it motivates me!  I come away motivated; invigorated and determined.

It’s like filling up with gas!

My brain is full, and I want to drive!

So look forward to a bunch of blogs, some cool info on training, and more pictures and video.


4 thoughts on “Wanted! One Thick Skin

  1. Leighton – Thanks for this update and looking forward to future. I retired from my own business which was a people business. I always put my heart and soul into doing the right for my clients. But I soon found that one can not be everything to every body. So I said to myself “fuck ’em” to those that were critical.

    Good luck and stay well,

    Det. Hank Olsen


  2. Great post Leighton, be encouraged, your blog posts are read far and wide and I absolutely value your thoughts. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting you in person and witnessed firsthand that great father, teacher mentor spirit! Turn it loose and write for both the appreciative readers and unappreciative trolls they just come with the territory. I’m tuned in and looking forward to the next one! All my best from Barbados.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Chris. Kind words from an exceptional friend. Thank you, and greetings to everyone down there. One day I will shoot in your beautiful country


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